Monday, January 25, 2021

Northern Health Update on Acropolis notes 20 residents and 12 staff members now have tested positive for COVID-19

The roll call of positive cases has continued upward at Acropolis Manor, with Northern Health issuing a new information statement today noting that the latest count is 20 residents and 12 staff members at the Manor now having tested positive for COVID-19.

In the advisory, Northern Health notes that it continues to take steps to protect the health of all Acropolis Manor staff and residents. 

Enhanced control measures are in place, as well as additional supports for the facility with outbreak management, answering questions and supporting virtual visits for residents and families, and to provide active checks of symptoms with staff and residents.

Among some of those enhanced control measures are:

Increased screening for all staff and residents
Cleaning and infection control measures have been enhanced
Staff and resident movement in the facility has been restricted
Temporary suspension of social visits (essential visits are not impacted, and are continuing)

As part of their response, Northern Health is continuing to communicate with staff, residents and families.

Today's update marks the second official advisory issued since the outbreak was declared on January 19th.

You can review Northern Health's statement here.

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