Monday, January 18, 2021

Relocation of COVID testing to Ocean Centre sparks discussion on Northern Health's Prince Rupert page

The City of Prince Rupert has created a few COVID-19 Testing only
Parking spaces in front of the Ocean Centre, the Testing facility moved
to the downtown core from the Hospital earlier this month

The relocation of the Prince Rupert COVID-19 testing centre to the Ocean Centre has been making for a number of questions for Northern Health in recent days, with their Prince Rupert focused Facebook page making for a short lived information exchange of sorts.

As we noted earlier this month, Northern Health announced the change to the downtown location and the testing protocol in an advisory from January 7th.

With the shift a number of residents have taken to the social media portal to seek further information or ask questions, among one of them whether the move to the Ocean Centre will have any impact on the operation of the rest of Northern Health's operations in the downtown office.

A topic which Northern Health was quick to reply to, noting that there will be no reduction of regular services at the Health Unit.

Others participating in the discussion have expressed some concerns over the move of the testing centre to the higher traffic area of the downtown location, though so far, there has been no reply provided to that topic.

Since that question, Northern Health has also turned off  the comments option related to that post.

You can review the discussion to that time here.

As part of the move to the downtown location, Northern Health in cooperation with the City of Prince Rupert has designated a number of parking spaces directly in front of the Ocean Centre for use by those requiring a test only.

For more notes related to Northern Health see our archive page here.

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