Saturday, January 2, 2021

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points/Community notes related to Prince Rupert City Council 2021

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2021, as well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Preview, Reviews and Timelines can be found here

Items of Note for 2021

Orders and Notices from the Provincial State of Emergency as issued by the British Columbia Public Health Officer can be viewed here


December 9 -- Rupert Snow Days ...Round Two  NCR
December 3 -- City of Prince Rupert set to expand roster of tenants in Canfisco warehouse venture; as speculation on future developments along George Hills Way accelerates  NCR
December 2 -- Alaska State Representative suggests all proceeding well for AMHS return to Prince Rupert in Spring of 2022   NCR


November 24 -- Prince Rupert Food Security (video)
November 24 -- CityWest Fire Optic still down (video)
November 8 -- City Council Preview  NCR
November 1 -- Latest City of Prince Rupert Job Op seeks some help for the Operations Manager   NCR
November 1 -- Prince Rupert falls behind in the Northwest Burger Gap   NCR 


October 20 -- NCLGA Health care survey (video)


September 1 -- Community Registration Night set for Civic Centre on September 9thNCR


August 9 -- Prince Rupert Station brewery (video)


July 26 -- Blue bin blues (audio)
July 2 -- After more than a year of closed doors, Chances Prince Rupert reopens for business NCR
July 2 -- Council looks for progress from recently adopted Housing Action List  NCR


June 3 -- Harbour View gardens (video)
June 2 -- BC Housing proposal to add value of housing along McKay Street corridor NCR


May 4 -- With calls for bids, City takes first steps towards start of 2021 paving program NCR
May 3 -- Architect of the proposed Lax Kw'alaams Apartment complex on 11th named as a 2021 Architectural Award winner  NCR


April 30 -- Prince Rupert Housing petition (video)
April 1 -- City of Prince Rupert Operations Department prepares for summer season of technical work  NCR


March 30 -- Airport and bus grants (video)
March 26 -- Rural Internet Plan (video)
March 9 -- Propane Terminal update (video)
March 5 -- Renoviction laws (video)
March 1 -- 24 hour restroom in Prince Rupert seen as solution for restroom accessibility


February 24 -- Inter City Bus Funding (video)
February 24 -- Rural Recovery grants (video)
February 24 -- Housing Stats drop (video)
February 12 -- All Plans pass through iPlans  NCR
February 4 -- Cruise Ship Ban (video)
February 1 -- Changes for the Clean BC Climate Council see Mayor Brain exit post  NCR

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