Tuesday, May 18, 2021

CityWest and Regional District of Bulkley Nechako to partner on high speed connectivity plans

A new connectivity project could soon be on the horizon
for Prince Rupert's CityWest

(photo from CityWest FB page)

CityWest's growing expertise in high speed connectivity for rural communities has found another potential customer, with the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako looking to support the Prince Rupert based telecommunication company as part of its ongoing work of connecting communities of the Northwest.

In an announcement from last week, the Regional District noted of their ambitions to provide for a faster connection for the residents of the widespread communities of the area.

The RDBN is committed to providing CityWest support and assistance in any way possible to help their efforts to bring broadband connectivity to our region. 

As part of the process of entering into a Partnering Agreement, the RDBN will also be starting the process of establishing a Service for Broadband Infrastructure. 

This region-wide service will allow the RDBN to contribute to the capital costs of Broadband infrastructure through the Federal Gas Tax Fund or other available infrastructure funds. The Service Bylaw is expected to be established with minimal taxation. 

The Service is required to contribute infrastructure funding towards capital costs, and it is not the RDBN’s intention to fund connectivity infrastructure through taxation of this service.

“The RDBN is thrilled to be partnering with CityWest, a municipally owned company that not only understands, but is also committed to meeting the connectivity needs of rural residents. Our shared philosophy of ‘No home left behind’ is reflective of the approach we are taking in the development of this exciting partnership. We are incredibly optimistic about the opportunities that will be created to provide our residents with reliable, affordable internet and cellular connectivity.” – Gerry Thiessen, RDBN Board Chair

For his part, CityWest CEO Stefan Woloszyn made note of the company's excitement in becoming part of the path ahead for the Bulkley Nechako region.

“CityWest’s mission is to bring urban-quality Internet and amazing customer service to under-served areas around the province. We’ve heard the incredible stories of many people who live and work in the RDBN, and as a social enterprise focused on community service, we know they need better Internet in order to connect to their loved ones, to empower working from home solutions, and to take part in the digital economy. We’re happy to be working with leadership in every community within the Regional District, and we’re excited to bring the entire region better broadband services.”

There was no timeline outlined as part of the announcement last week, you can review more notes on that initiative here.

Over the last few years, CityWest has continued to expand its boundaries of service and joint partnerships, opening up service offices in the Bulkley Valley and on to Vanderhoof, while also taking on the large scale Connected Coast initiative.

You can review some of their progress on those from our archive page here.


  1. Three years into their high speed project in Rupert and they are 60% complete.

    When can we expect a headline that includes the words CityWest and Project Completed?

  2. At the end of 5 years... just like they promised fooL: https://www.citywest.ca/about-us/news/2019/02/15/citywest-plans-to-cover-half-of-prince-rupert-in-fibre-by-end-of-2019

    1. That link you provided stated
      - Citywest would be 50% complete by 2019
      - An incomplete map that shows two completed city areas
      - A statement that the project would be delivered on time and on budget

      NCR article dated Wednesday, March 31, 2021
      CityWest hopes to have Fibre to Home in place in 60 percent of Prince Rupert homes by years end
      - "We’re looking to one day having fibre to the home all over Prince Rupert"

      Care to show me one day on a calendar?