Friday, May 28, 2021

Speculation on Second Dose COVID clinic for Prince Rupert has everyone talking ... except Northern Health

See update on Second Vaccine Clinic for Prince Rupert area at bottom of page

An early morning twitter shout out on Thursday from CBC Daybreak North's Carolina de Ryk has stoked a fair bit of excitement in the community; with the local public broadcaster announcing that plans are underway to host the much anticipated Second Dose of COVID clinic for the Prince Rupert area in Mid June.

Ms. de Ryk's morning notes however, so far make for the only word on the topic to be relayed for the community and to this point, details related to the prospect of the second shot COVID clinic have still to be officially released. 

The two most likely portals for information the Northern Health Website and the Prince Rupert focused Facebook page seemingly nor now holding back on any sharing of good news.

With the Health Authority holding their info close, there so far is little known by residents of Prince Rupert and area as to what the protocol will be for the clinic and if it will follow the same process as the successful mass immunization program of March at the Prince Rupert Civic Centre.

Since the March mass immunization, Prince Rupert has found stellar success in reversing the spread of COVID in the community, returning to Zero cases of the coronavirus for the most recent reporting period from the BC CDC.

One thing is certain however, recent messaging would suggest that being registered is a good start towards  the second shot and full vaccination before the summer gets underway.

Learn more about the registration program here.

If the March vaccination program is our guide, the majority of residents of the Prince Rupert area who had their first dose at that time, could be fully vaccinated by Canada Day.

Before we get to the mass clinic prospects for a second shot, Northern Health still has to clear up a bit of confusion on the youth immunization plan for the first shot for those 12-17, which a recent Facebook post indicates has been a bit confusing for parents and their children.

We'll keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the internet as to when official confirmation and instructions will be made available to the community.

Update: Northern Health has started the roll out of invitations to book appointments for the second dose of the COVID Vaccine. 

Those who have registered for the vaccination program should watch the email or text account that they listed for contact, bookings for appointments starting June 14th began this morning.

More on the plans for the Second Vaccination clinic can be reviewed here.

You can review some of the past guidance from Northern Health from our archive pages below:

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  1. Our family got texts today to book our second doses, at the Civic Center. We are booked June 14.