Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Port Edward ... Global TV is ready for your close up

The Port Edward Fire Hall
(perhaps your version of the hall or other community scene
will be the photo chosen by Global TV this weekend

If you have any photos of scenic vistas around Port Edward ready to share the world, the time to get the ready for a showing has arrived with Global Television issuing a call for your best imagery.

In a post to the Global Our Community Facebook page, the province wide television network outlines its plans to feature Port Edward as part of their weekend broadcast, with Witset also in line for a showtime appearance.

The guidelines for your photo submission include:

If you have a wonderful picture to share with our TV audience, email us your picture(s) with a brief description of each to 

(Phonetic spelling for pronunciation will help) 

Your pictures should be horizontal and at least 1920 pixels wide.

The deadline to deliver your favourite image is Thursday

The feature itself runs during the weather segements of the Saturday and Sunday morning news packages, with the glimpses of the Northwest set for 7:20, 8:20 or 9:20 AM

Port Edward and Witset residents will want to have the PVR's recording through that block of time, as Global does not put the segment up online.

Learn More about their call for photography here.

More notes on Port Edward can be reviewed from our archive page.

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