Tuesday, May 25, 2021

BC's Restart to be dictated by Data not Dates; benchmarks subject to change to meet evolving situations

It was all hands on deck today for the launch of the BC Government's Restart Plan for the months ahead, with the first item of note the continued prohibition of travel outside of three Health Regions along with the relaxation of some measures in place sine April.

The four step plan which launches today, will allow for indoor dining in restaurants with proper Safety plans in place, additional gathering outdoor and indoor parameters, slightly more progress for outdoor sporting activities and an opportunity to return to the workplace which will be gradual with Safety plan in place.

As well, for now, regardless of the rate of vaccination, Mask rules and social distancing measures continue in place as they have been established through a range of measures since last year.

British Columbia's four step Restart program
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The next benchmark arrives on June 15th at the earliest, which will see in province travel restrictions removed and wider opportunities for social gathering.

The tourism industry will be looking towards post Canada Day to BC Day before they'll be welcoming guests from further afield than local health regions and BC's borders.

If all goes well, the full restart arrives by Labor Day.

The main focus for the presentation on the day was how data would dominate the considerations moving forward, with the provincial vaccination program an important element of the roadway out of COVID, with both Doctor Henry and the Health Minster stressing the need to be registered for those who still need a first dose and for second doses.

A wider overview of the vaccination program is set to be delivered on Thursday when Doctor Henry outlines the changing timelines ahead for second dose and the nature of the supply that is on the way through the summer.

All of the guidelines listed in the chart above will be subject to delays or change if the rate of transmission increases, or the province sees a setback when it comes to hospitalizations and other elements of concern.

Something that means more calendar watching and most likely more information sessions to come as the province continues to navigate the ever changing waters of COVID.

The details to the presentation which included much in the way of history along with the path to the future can be examined through this slide presentation highlighting the key elements of note.

The presentation and Question and Answer period can be viewed from the video at the top of this post.

The full statement on today's restart program, with associated material can be explored here.

The path from the start of the pandemic to today's update can be charted from our archive page.

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