Thursday, May 20, 2021

Skeena MLA Ross joins BC Liberal chorus on NDP government's handling of Cruise industry threats

2021 will be another year where Cruise ships will not
be seen at the Northland Terminal, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross
has expressed his concerns that the BC govt's lack of interest
in a revision to a US maritime law may mean that the 
vessels will soon skip BC ports permanently once COVID
restrictions come to an end

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Skeena MLA has added his voice to the topic on the need for some action by the British Columbia government towards a proposed change to an American law on maritime transit that could have a major impact on the British Columbia Cruise industry.

As we outlined yesterday, the Liberals used their Tuesday Question period opportunity at the Legislature to put the provincial Tourism minister Melanie Mark on the hot seat. 

Repeatedly asking the Minister questions on the lack of attention that the provincial government had exhibited in the lead up to recently proposed legislation amendments from the US Senate.

Also on Tuesday, Ellis Ross took advantage of some sunshine in Victoria to host a short Facebook video presentation to the topic, speaking from the front lawn of the Legislature, the MLA provided a thumbnail sketch for Northwest residents as to what the issue is all about.

Much of the theme for Mr. Ross was towards how the BC government had let the issue slide off its radar and now finds itself not part of a discussion that is key importance to the province's Cruise industry.

The MLA asking that the BC Government take the issue to the Federal government to ensure that the technical stops in Canadian waters continue, lest the Americans choose to make the elimination of them a permanent thing, something which would have an impact on a number of ports and tourism providers.

Port calls in Canadian waters were suspended last Spring in 2020 as COVID raged around the globe, earlier this year, the 2021 season was scuppered with another full season ban for the port calls at Canadian facility.

Update: Thursday afternoon it was announced that the US House of Representatives had passed the bill to allow for continued transit to and from Alaska without the need for a stop in Canada, the bill will now return to the Senate and then be forwarded to President Biden for implementation.

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