Monday, May 31, 2021

Pandemic related disruptions making for challenges for City's landfill expansion program

Council will hear of some challenges towards the expansion of
the City's landfill site tonight
(maps from City of PR website)

The progress for the city's expansion of the Ridley Island Landfill site is finding a few impediments owing to the COVID pandemic, a subject that will see Richard Pucci the City's Director of Operations providing an update for Council tonight, as well as a request for the green light to purchase some materials immediately.

The items of note from Mr. Pucci are the liner and HDPE piping material required for the landfill project, with the Operations Director to review the current situation as part of his report noting how without immediate action the result may be delays to completing the expansion this year. 

The cost of the materials somewhat unknown it seems owing to the fluctuation of prices and ability to access the supplies, the Director notes he will provide a memo later on for the council members as to the cost of purchase.

You can review below from the City's Agenda Package for tonight.

If his presentation is an in person (or by way of Zoom) report, Council members may have some questions to ask toward the landfill work and may want to take advantage of the Directors public availability to follow up with a few questions on the other major infrastructure project of the moment, that being the Woodworth Dam construction work.

There hasn't been an update on that work in many months, so tonight would make for a good opportunity to share some notes on whether it too has suffered from COVID related delays and where in the timeline for completion of it may be at; as well as if the cost of the work has increased and if so why.

The Woodworth Dam project was one of the first items on
the to do list from the Hays 2.0 timeline  of Spring 2018

The Woodworth Dam work which made for just one of many items from the Hays 2.0 presentation of April 2018 saw its first delay later that year, with the original plan to have most of the work take place in 2020

As they await the conclusion of that work, Prince Rupert residents remain on a  Water Quality advisory with recommendations that some residents will want to continue to boil water for some uses. 

Updates on the status of the Water Quality situation for residents are not something that are frequentl provided to the city website.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be reviewed from our archive page here.

A wider overview of the city's infrastructure work is available here.

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