Monday, May 17, 2021

Seafest 2021: Somewhat familiar; Somewhat Socially Distant

The 2021 version of Prince Rupert's popular festival of fun Seafest won't yet be a return to the days of large crowds gathering downtown and on the waterfront for a weekend of communal fun making.

But organizers from the Prince Rupert Special Events Society are going to try to make the three days one's that at least recapture some of the enjoyment of years prior to COVID.

The community organization recently outlined how the revised look of the annual Seniors Tea is going to go, with an at home 'bubble' with family and friends in our circles as the venue, complete with a gift box of Seniors Cheer to be distributed to those participating.

But the Friday event is only the start of some outside of the Box thinking for the organization which has dedicated their work for 2021 to keeping the Seafest Spirit in place on the North Coast.

In an update posted to their website last week Prince Rupert Special Events highlighted some of the other activities that they are working on.

Among some of the family friendly themes to explore on Seafest Weekend include:

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Hiking Trails Bingo

Decorate the Town: Here Comes the Sun the theme for 2021

Dress up in your Sunshine Finest: Dig out your wildest Hawaiin shirt, floppy hat and hit the streets

More details on what's to come are to be revealed by the Special Events Society in the days ahead towards the June 11th kickoff to Seafest.

If you wish to learn more about what's ahead or have some time to volunteer contact Alex Hogendoorn at 250-622-2627

Updates to come will be available on the Prince Rupert Special Events website and Facebook. page.

We'll keep up with items on the Seafest Schedule from our Archive page here.

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