Monday, May 17, 2021

New Lid for Prince Rupert Library in the planning stages

The Prince Rupert Library is in line for a new roof as the City
moves forward with an RFP for the project

There will soon be a new roof in place at Prince Rupert's House of Reading, as the City of Prince Rupert puts a roofing project bid out for tender on the BC Bid website.

The scope of the work to be done includes:

This work will consist of framing a new roof structure with a two ply torch on membrane over an area of the library roof that is adjacent to, but lower than, the flat section of roof. The area of this section of roof is approximately 23feet by 55feet. 

All necessary flashings and cladding for the roof and curb wall are to be included in the price. The roof is also to be framed to allow for the future installation of a skylight if budget restraints do not allow for it at this time. 

One of the drawings for contractors as part of the 
City of Prince Rupert call for proposals for a Library roof project
(From City of PR BC Bid proposal)

Any would be contractors are being asked to provide a quote for both a skylight and non skylight option.

There are three key dates to note for the project with the timeline for the successful bidder leading to a desired completion date of September 17th.

The City of Prince Rupert's Building Inspector Sean Rowse is the contact person for the project, with all bids to be submitted to his office by 2 PM on May 25th.

The full package of background information and drawings towards the project are available through the BC Bid website.

For a look at some past RFP's from the City see our archive page.

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