Friday, May 28, 2021

CN Rail pleads guilty in 2017 pesticide incident, assessed 100K fine in Prince Rupert Court

CN Rail was in a Prince Rupert court room on Thursday
facing charges on environmental issues

Canadian National Railways spent the week in court in Prince Rupert and when the case came to a conclusion on Thursday, the railway had pled guilty to using pesticide without a required Pest Management Plan in place, a violation of the Integrated Pest Management Act.

The Court register from Thursday with CN Rail among those
spending some time in the Prince Rupert Court House

As a result of the Judgement , the railway will pay a penalty of 100,000 dollars, the majority of which is to be directed towards the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, which works on fish, wildlife and habitat restoration in the Skeena Region.

The details of the court judgment and penalty phase were relayed by the Conservation Officer Service with an update to their Social Media stream today.

the joint investigation between the Conservation Officer Service and Environment and Climate Change Canada was launched after ECCC officers travelling along Highway 16 noticed a spray truck on the CN Rail tracks discharging a mist from the front and rear spray booms of the vehicle.

A rail way spray truck on the CN rail lines of NW BC
(photo from BC Conservation Officer Service FB)

More notes on CN Rai can be explored here.

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