Sunday, May 16, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending May 16, 2021

Health care has made its way towards the top of the attention list for Prince Rupert City Council, which announced plans this week to invite members of Northern Health to an upcoming council session to hear concerns over the state of health care services in the community. 

Our list of the five most read items also had a few other civic related stories to make note of, with the city's plans for road repairs and paving and the upcoming changes to garbage and recycling of significant interest for readers.

The concerning accumulation of a three million dollar deficit at the School District dominated much of the weeks news as well, with the city's teacher's union expressing its concerns over the potential of layoffs to try to address the budgetary situation.

And the March vaccination program in Prince Rupert received some attention from the province's top health official this week as Doctor Bonnie Henry made note of the success of the community wide vaccination and how it has had an impressive effect on reducing new cases of COVID in the region.

However, by far, the most attention from the readers for the week was on Health Care and City Council's interest in responding to community concerns.

Prince Rupert City Council to invite Northern health reps to hear concerns over Health Care in region -- Community concerns over the state of health care services in the region will be the topic for a potential future City Council session, as the council membership makes plans to invite Northern Health officials to an upcoming meeting.  (posted May  12 , 2021)

That article was followed by:

City Council ready for Road Repairs and New Paving program for 2021 -- Travellers of the roads of Prince Rupert may soon see a bit of relief in some areas of the city, with Council members discussing road repair and the annual civic paving program at this weeks Council session.   (posted May 13, 2021) 

PRDTU raises flags over SD52 plan to see Itinerant teachers bear the brunt School District budget cuts -- How the Prince Rupert School District fell into at three million dollar deficit situation is seemingly somewhat of a surprise for the elected officials of the Board of Education, with the prospect of teaching staff layoffs the talking point for the week for the Teachers Union. The prelude to this weeks  revelations came earlier this week as the School District prepared for their Tuesday evening meeting.    (posted May 13, 2021) 

City's new split-bay garbage hauler enters service, while plans still in preparation for new garbage system for Prince Rupert -- The latest in operation purchases has been on display around the city for a few weeks now, as the City introduces its new split bay garbage truck, the vehicle will be the focal point of the city's introduction of curb side recycling by Canada Day.  (posted May 11, 2021) 

As case counts hover at the 600 per day mark, Prince Rupert gets a few minutes of props for March vaccination program as part of Daily COVID update -- The success of the Prince Rupert Community Vaccination program of mid march was one of the focal points for a presentation from Doctor Bonnie Henry this week. As the top public health official used the city's program as an indication of what can be achieved through widespread vaccination.  The success of the Prince Rupert program was once again on display at mid week as the BC CDC relayed the latest community data for the Northwest.       (posted May 13, 2021) 

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