Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Year in Review and plans for future to be narrative for Prince Rupert Port Authority APM in June

An expanding presence for Fairview Terminal on the
Prince Rupert waterfront will be just one of a number of
topics for next months PRPA Annual Public Meeting

(photo from PRPA Website)

The annual review of past achievement and a glimpse towards the future for port development will be the theme for the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Annual Public Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, June 16th.

The virtual event will stream online live from 5PM to 6PM with access available through the rupertport.com/apm link on the Port's website.

With the importance of the Port to the regional economy, the review is one of the more anticipated of these types of events for communities beyond Prince Rupert, the notes in particular on future projects providing an indication of how those communities may benefit from the economic engine that the PRPA provides.

Of note for Prince Rupert area residents may be any updates that the Port may deliver on the progress of the Fairview Connector Road to Ridley Island which would reduce if not eliminate much of the truck traffic through the city.

A sample of what we may hear on the Connector project in June is currently available through the PRPA website.

As well the progress for the Wolverine Fuelling Terminal, Vopak Bulk Fuels Terminal and a number of Logistics Facilities planned for Kaien and Ridley Island could be among the projects that the Port may wish to share some updated notes on.

With expansion work on the Fairview Terminal footprint now underway, that project most likely will gain some attention next month  as part of the overview of the future and how it will increase the throughput through the Prince Rupert gateway to the world.

You can get in some early research on the APM through the 2020 financial statements currently available on the Port website.

For updates on the APM plans follow the Port's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

More notes on Port themes can be explored from our archive page here.

A snapshot of the growing list of terminals that make for the Port's expanding growth on the North Coast is available for review here.


  1. yet another example of never asking the hard questions or criticise the port.

    the ridley/fairview road when it was announced in 2018:
    "construction is expected to be complete in Q3 2020"

    the most recent update yesterday:
    "expected to be operational in May 2022"

    why is nobody talking about a 2 year delay?

    this has got to be the most expensive and slow road construction of all time

    1. Well the item was more an advisory of the APM and not exactly designed to be the Spanish Inquisition; though perhaps with your contribution to the dialogue that interaction will make for part of the overview of mid June ... NCR

  2. lets hope that it shall! you could/should also poke fun that them doing a fullsale marketing/ad blitz saying a road is 'an innovative piece of infrastructure' ..........really?