Friday, May 28, 2021

Go By Bike week hits the streets of Prince Rupert Monday

The City of Prince Rupert's vision for more cycling infrastructure
from the 2030 Vison planning of earlier this year
(From City of PR redesign Rupert website)

Residents of the Prince Rupert area have the weekend to tune up their two wheelers and prepare for a week dedicated towards biking across the city, the province and the nation, with GoByBike Week pushing down on the pedals first thing Monday morning.

In addition to your daily journey on your bike, you can also join in on the Riches of Prince Rupert Scavenger Hunt, posting photos of you and your friends completing the hunt around the community.

Contact the Go By Bike organizers for more details at (250) 627-4100 or by email at 

So far Prince Rupert organizers have seen some good momentum build for participation in next week's event, with three teams and twenty riders logging on to take to the streets.

You can join them from this registration page

Once the week is underway you may find your contribution included in the ongoing updates to participation in the project as well as your opportunity to qualify for a range of prizes for putting the pedals and wheels in motion.

Next week is the first of two Go By Bike Weeks planned for 2021 with a fall ride planned from September 27 to October 10th.

For more notes on the week ahead an Go By Bike in Prince Rupert see their Facebook page

The prospect of moving forward with a community cycling plan was one of the elements of the City's 2030 vision plan you can explore that from the redesign Rupert website, the City Core Cycle plan can be reviewed on page 33.

A wider overview of North Coast and Northwest community events can be found here.

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