Monday, November 22, 2021

Council to review recommendations for 2022 Strategic Plan actions

City Manager Rob Buchan has Council's list and he's probably checked it twice. 

Tonight, we may learn if City Council will take his advice.

Strategic Planning is on the Agenda for tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session, with the Council members to receive a report from City Manager Rob Buchan, who will offer up some recommendations towards the civic government's plans for 2022.

The report a summary of Council planning workshops in the summer and a listing of where the plans and projects ahead rank on the city's To Do list. 

With the report noting that some of the short term priorities identified by staff as underfunded and if Council wishes to move forward with the will require an increase in taxation, or alternative funding options.

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A look at the four page list as Council prepares to head into their Monday evening session, shows some familiar items of the past among the entries from two lists for Council to consider.

Appendix 1

1. Watson Island Business Development
2. Recycling program
3. Water Treatment Plant
4. Landfill Cell
5. Ferry relocation
6. VIA/CN Station renovation
7. RCMP Detachment replacement
8. Asset Management strategy development
9. Woodworth Dam
10. City Branding project

Appendix 2

1. Watson Island Business Development
2. Recycling program
3. Landfill Cell
4. VIA/CN Station renovation
5. Woodworth Dam
6. City Branding project
7.  Canfisco Warehouse leasing
8.  Ferry funding project
9.  Seal Cove Park
10. Encourage/Facilitate Gateway Development

The full list can be explored from the Agenda package for tonight's session.

Depending on the Option that they choose to go with, Council will look at what could be a projected tax increase of either 6.55 percent or 5.25 percent when it comes to unfunded priorities for 2022.

More notes on tonight's Council session can be explored from our Council Preview.

A look at past Council Discussion themes can be explored from our Council Discussion archive.

1 comment:

  1. Show and tell me why you deserve a tax increase, but please consider the following;

    - The city resurfaced freshly painted intersections this summer, only to repaint them again six months later
    - I had to pay an additional $200 for 3rd party recycling because the city recycling program was delayed until January
    - Clean drinking water expenses will continue until the primary water source is reconnected. Since 2016 the city track record of reporting boil water advisories and the removal of those advisories is untimely and unreliable.
    - I can't take transit on Sunday
    - Our current taxes funded a ferry to the airport and recreational facilities that operated at a reduced capacity for many months due to Covid. What provincial/federal funds have been used to reduce those costs even more? Has the city depleted those funds?

    Sell away Dr.Rob, sell away.