Sunday, November 21, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending November 21, 2021

Weather dominated the week, with the floods, landslides, destruction and loss of life of Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and inland areas of Southern BC on the minds of those of us in the Northwest. 

And while we did not have a direct impact from that extreme weather event of last weekend, the side effects did make for some interesting times this week.

Much of it reflected in our list of five, which included the work of MLA Rice to try to calm down supply chain concerns, as well as notes from the Prince Rupert Port Authority on the theme of the nation's supply lines.

As the week came to an end, the North Coast found itself as the location for the next weather event, with a number of advisories issued about the atmospheric river event to arrive.

Two items from the downtown core also made for much read items, with our notes on the work taking place at the Raffles site at Five Corners and the installation of a new public washroom structure both capturing much attention.

However, the top item of the week was focused on a week that saw Prince Rupert residents clean out key grocery items in a burst of panic purchasing.

North Coast MLA seeks to calm supply chain anxiety in Prince Rupert  -- As the events moved forward in southern BC this week, residents of many areas outside of the area of concern, including the North Coast took up the visuals as a cue to engage in some panic purchasing. Collectively cleaning out shelves of store across the city of much in the way of produce, dairy, meat, bread and may other items. A situation that the areas MLA Jennifer Rice tried to calm with comments delivered on Wednesday    (posted November 17 , 2021)

That article was followed by: 

Port of Prince Rupert statement on supply chain issues puts Port Terminals on call for service if required  -- With the transportations east and west to Vancouver currently broken, the Prince Rupert Port Authority reminded those in the Northwest and beyond that the terminal facilities on the North Coast remained open, in operation and ready to be on call to help should the need arise  (posted  November 17 , 2021) 

A swath of Red Weather Warnings from North Coast Interior region through to Alberta -- As the week came to an end, the North Coast was put on notice for the prospect of an Atmospheric River event, which is anticipated to last until Monday. The original notice of Friday followed by updates including a Flood Watch advisory from the River Forecast Centre.    (posted November 19 , 2021)
Raffles Elevator is going down ... for the final time -- With work moving forward on the Crane's Crossing Supportive Housing facility, a familiar centre piece to the old Raffles Hotel is no more.   (posted November 16 , 2021)

Potty Progress in the Downton core -- A new addition to the downtown area made was put in place this past week, with the arrival of the new public washroom facility for Third Avenue West and Seventh Street. While the structure itself has been put in place, it has yet to be hooked up to services and the city has offered no timeline as to when it may be ready for use       (posted November 16, 2021) 

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