Thursday, November 18, 2021

Prince Rupert holds steady, Terrace realized declines in COVID count from latest data release by BC CDC

The weekly data release from the BC CDC, highlights the continuing challenges  of COVID across the region, with counts still high in the Terrace  and Bulkley Valley regions from the last seven days.

Declines in case counts for the most part are the rule of the week for many areas of the Northwest, with the Terrace area gaining some relief from their ongoing challenges with a drop of 20 cases from last week's level of COVID infections.

Terrace now listing 63 cases of the coronavirus to November 13th

Prince Rupert saw a slight drop from last week, with one less case recorded over the last seven days for a total of ten  on the week.

The Nass Valley found some good news as their levels declined, though the Bella Coola Valley is a new area of note, with 30 cases reported for the week as of Sunday.

The full review across the region for the week of November 7-13 looks as follows:

Terrace -- 63 cases
Burns Lake -- 40 cases
 -- 33 cases
Bella Coola Valley -- 30 cases
Upper Skeena -- 
 23 cases
Nechako -- 11 cases
Prince Rupert -- 10 cases
Snow Country-Stikine- Telegraph Creek -- 9 cases
Kitimat -- 8 cases
Nisga'a Region --
  8 cases
Central Coast -- 
2 cases
Haida Gwaii -- 1 case

Wednesday's provincial report lists  73 new cases of COVID for Northern Health,  with 507 Active cases.

Charts for British Columbia as a whole and for 
the Northern Health Region from the BC CDC for November 17
(click to 

The full report from the Province for Wednesday can be accessed here.  

The larger BC CDC Data release is available here.

Past information statements on COVID and other notes on the Northwest response can be reviewed from our archive page.


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