Thursday, November 25, 2021

Weather related challenges in the south means reduced intake for North Coast Regional District's Recycling Centre

Sort before you go is the call from Regional District, with the
Kaien Road Recycling Centre noting of some temporary
restrictions on items that will be accepted

If you're making plans to head out to the Kaien Road Recycling Centre in the days ahead, you may want to do a bit of pre sorting at home, as the North Coast Regional District has announced some restrictions on the items accepted at the local centre for the tine being.

In an update on the Regional District Facebook page, the NCRD notes that owing to the unprecedented flooding and resulting transportation challenges and limited access to end markets, that they will not be accepting the following materials: 

1) glass bottles and jars, and 2) foam packaging. 

As part of the restrictions which went into effect on Monday, the Regional District is asking resident to please try to keep these materials and return at a later date. 

The North Coast is just one of a number of areas of the Province that have announced the restrictions, which the Regional District notes is inlace until further notice.

More notes on Regional District themes can be reviewed here.

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