Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Potty progress in the downtown core

The City's Downtown Washroom Station
is showing signs of renewed progress

A welcome sign of soon to come relief for those that may be looking for some is on display at the corner of Seventh Street and Third Avenue West.

That, as workers on the site of the City of Prince Rupert's Downtown Washroom Station project have erected the structure, with work continuing on the area surrounding the new outdoor washroom facility.

The progress on the project comes after work was suspended in September after the discovery of some ancient tanks under the surface, a pause in work that stretched through October.

With the project now seemingly back on track, the prospect of an opening day will be a welcome one for those in the downtown area. 

As we outlined earlier this month, the only Public downtown outdoor facilities, those at Mariner's Park, were recently closed for the season, an annual closure for the facilities.

So far, there have been no celebratory shout outs from the Mayor or through the  City's social media communication stream and thus, no indication as to when it's anticipated that the Downtown facilities will be opened to the public.

That's not a surprising thing, since the project got the go ahead in February, there hasn't been much discussion by Council during their council sessions as to the progress for the project, or the nature of the delays it faced in the late summer.

A thumbnail sketch of the project can be found from our item of February following the deliver of a report on the topic from the City's Financial Officer Corinne Bomben.

An overview of other Council discussion themes can be explored through our archive page here.

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