Monday, September 20, 2021

Delays for public washroom project should spur Council members to provide an update on much anticipated initiative

Work on the site for the new public washroom facilities in Prince Rupert
stopped last week after old fuel tanks were discovered 

A surprise discovery of some fuel tanks has brought the much anticipated plan to provide for additional public washroom space in the city's downtown area to a standstill. 

With work at the site behind the Friendship House at Third Avenue East and Seventh Street stopped while city officials perhaps search their old planning documents or the Prince Rupert City and Regional Photo Archives to see just what may be associated with the tanks.

7th Street at Third Avenue West is apparently the chosen spot by the
City for their public washroom initiative which is currently delayed.

A story last week on the Northern View website, marked the first actual notes from anyone at the city on the project in many months and actually provided for the first indication as to the destination for the washroom project. 

The story serving to at least remove one more layer of the onion as to which properties in the downtown area are actually owned by the City of Prince Rupert.

That with the city providing for the land for the project and up to 30,000 dollars in operating funding for the toilet project.

An update on the plan towards development of public facilities came in February of this year, with the City's Chief Financial Officer providing an outline of how the City was approaching the issue, that through a program to be administered by the Prince Rupert  Aboriginal Community Service Society.

Some background from the City's Chief Financial Office
Corinne Bomben on the public washroom project, the notes
from a report to Council in February of this year

The last that the public heard of the project came in March when the plan was put out for tender, which apparently went to Rupert Wood and Steel when that application process closed, with the Prince Rupert company now currently working on the site.

Some notes on that RFP of the time can be reviewed here.

The topic of providing for additional bathroom space in the downtown area is another long running narrative for City Council,  one which was noted back in July of 2020 by Councillor Barry Cunningham. 

He observed at the time, that the only public facilities in the city are those at Mariner's Park and like it was in 2020, those facilities if past precedent is to be followed will soon be closed for the winter season.

For now these washrooms at Mariner's Park remain as the only
outdoor facility in Prince Rupert, they however will soon be
closed for the winter if the city follows on its past practices.

With council meeting in session tonight, it's a timely moment for an update from the Mayor or city staff as to the current challenges that are being faced by the project and what kind of a timeline that we are on now, before those in need of relief will have a facility to do so.

The status of the public washroom facilities make for just one of a number significant files that the members of Prince Rupert City Council may wish to provide updates on as we head into the fall and an opportunity to dedicate some of their time to catching us up on their initiatives.

More notes on tonight's Prince Rupert Council session can be explored here.

Past discussion themes from City Council are available from our Discussion Archive page.

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  1. We get more updates up from city leaders on greenhouses, heat pump studies, phone book covers, and outdoor washrooms.

    Then we do on boil water advisories, recycling program progress or the success of the new bylaw enforcement on unsightly properties downtown.