Wednesday, September 22, 2021

And the Rain came down ... and will again! Environment Canada makes note of Monday's rain event as another system prepares to arrive

Satellite imagery from Environment Canada
indicates that more extreme rainfall could
be heading the way of Prince Rupert for
Thursday and Friday

A weather event from Monday that left its mark on the Prince Rupert region may just be the start of a week of heavy precipitation, with another Pacific weather front set to move into the region overnight and into the weekend

The next wave of the early start to the Fall storm season set to arrive as  Environment Canada totals up the precipitation of September 20th at just under 80mm, the most on that day in over a decade.

As we've recounted over the last two days the Monday storm left a wake of weather related after affects, from a Boil Water Notice for the community, to flooding at Shawatlans Road and damage to the Prince Rupert Golf Course.

Along the way the normally sedate run of Hays Creek through the city turned into a torrent of fast running water as the storm pounded the city over the twenty four hour period of Monday into Tuesday.

And Monday may have only served as a preamble for what's to come with another Pacific front making its way towards the North Coast with more rain on the way from Thursday through to next week

In a forecast from the Weather Network, the prognostication from their forecasters is that the Prince Rupert area can expect up to 140 mm more of rain before Saturday.

The most recent weather forecast from the
Weather Channel calls for much more rain for
the Prince Rupert area with up to 140mm possible in
less than 48 hours

You can access further weather updates from the Environment Canada website here, allowing you to track the pace of what could be another wild weather event for the City and region.

More notes on past weather themes can be reviewed from our archive page.

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