Thursday, September 23, 2021

Heavy rain from Monday results in catastrophic situation for Oldfield Creek Hatchery

A photo from the Oldfield Creek Fish Hatchery Facebook page
shows some of the damage found by officials following 
Monday's rain event in Prince Rupert

See Update at bottom of page:

As Prince Rupert and area residents settle in for a 24 hour deluge of rain that could reach up to 120 mm before the pacific system moves on, staff and volunteers of the Oldfield Creek Hatchery are reviewing the damage caused by Monday's rain event.

That weather system which delivered just under 80mm of rain in less than 24 hours created the conditions for what Oldfield Creek officials described as a massive landslide upstream of the hatchery an event which proved catastrophic for the Hatchery and its water intake system.

Such has been the impact of the Monday event that  the Hatchery crew made the decision to release their 7000 plus collection of coho smolt to ensure their viability.

The advisory of the decision relayed through their Facebook page.

In addition to the impact on their stock of smolt, the Hatchery is advising the public to stay clear of the trail system below the hatchery noting of the same situation as that faced by the Prince Rupert Golf Course of damaged bridges and walkways.

You can follow their updates from their Social media stream.

Updated info from the Hatchery:

From September 29

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