Monday, September 20, 2021

City of Prince Rupert clears the Council Room and sends the public back to Zoom

After a summer of somewhat normal times for public access to civic government, the clock is turning back today, with the September 20th, City Council session reverting back to a Zoom experience for the members of the public.

The City making note of the change on the Agenda Page of the Civic website, with a short advisory noting of the change as a result of recent provincial orders related to COVID.

Please note - In accordance with current Provincial Orders, scheduled Regular Council Meetings have moved to a remote format for public access – available on Citywest Cable Channel 10/310, and live streaming at 

Videos of the City’s Council meetings are also posted to YouTube in the days following the meeting. In the interests of public health and safety, at this time no one will be permitted into City Hall to view in the gallery, in order to ensure we can maintain physical distancing requirements. 

Staff and Council attendance is also limited, with most calling in via conference. Thank you for your understanding.

As a result, the public will not be admitted to the Council chamber session and for those wishing to participate in the Committee of the Whole and its Questions for Council opportunities, the need to access a Zoom link is required. 

The details on how to access that code for the session,  or to leave a voice mail for the Corporate Administrator, who will relay those themes to the Councillors at tonight's session are outlined in the Notice of the Committee of the Whole Session.

So far only those seeking out specific information on tonight's Council Session may be aware of the change back to the old access options. 

That as the City of Prince Rupert has yet to follow the lead of the District of Port Edward and include an advisory on the City Website front page or through their Social Media information portal.

The City does note however today that they will be closed as of 4 PM owing to the Federal Election.

Of note for this latest return of the closed to the public themes, is why in a new era of Vaccine passports, the Province and City can't modify the provincial guidelines to allow access for those who have been vaccinated, while directing those who aren't to the Zoom participation option.

Something perhaps one of the Council members may make an inquiry towards in order to provide the public with further guidance on how they can engage with their elected officials.

On theme of the Federal election, it's also somewhat of a curious thing that the City Council members did not move their session for tonight to a different evening, so as to avoid the focus that the Federal vote will gain this evening. 

Something which may reduce ever more the amount of public participation when it comes to Council's work this evening.

For more notes on this evening's Council Session see our preview here.

A wider overview of past Council themes is available from our Council Discussion archive.

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