Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rail Smart the theme across Canada as Rail Safety week reaches midway point

Providing for a renewed commitment towards  rail safety has been the goal this week as Canada's National railroads observe Rail Safety Week. 

With a range of programs both in person and online taking place across the country to help get across the message that railroad areas are an active industrial site that can pose dangers to the public.

Toward the information program CN Rail which serves the Prince Rupert to Prince George corridor has provided for some RailSafety Tips this week, a top ten list of items to keep in mind around rail infrastructure.

The CN Rail website also provides a range of additional resources towards Rail Safety, with a mix of video and and other material to get the message out.

To help spur on some interest in the topic, CN is also hosting a Rail Safety Week Quiz providing an opportunity to answer a few safety questions while also gaining entry into a prize package that includes an Apple Watch, Alexa Echo and much more.

To participate in the quiz see this link.

More item of interest on CN across the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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