Monday, September 20, 2021

City Council to lay down the foundation to tackling issue of Renovictions at tonights Council session

Property owners in Prince Rupert and those that may be facing eviction from their apartments in the near future, may want to keep up with how an initiative from tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session moves forward.

In a report for Council to be reviewed by Council tonight, the city's contract planner Rob Buchan will provide for some notes on how the city may wish to address the current issue of Renovictions in the city, with the Foundation of a Business Regulations and Licensing (Renovation) Bylaw to be outlined.

The introduction to the report which you can review below, highlights the standards that the city could put in place as a way to regulate evictions by landlords planning to renovate or repair their rental properties.

The full overview of the 20 page document and bylaw provisions can be explored from the City's Agenda for tonights session starting on page.

Council members will have opportunity to discuss the document and move forward on its recommendations as part of their work this evening.

The lack of affordable housing in the community and the rising pace of renovictions in Prince Rupert continues to put extreme pressure on those in the region looking for a place to live and has become one of the most concerning issues for City Council to deal with in the last few years.

You can review some of those themes from our Housing archive page here.

For more notes on tonight's Prince Rupert Council Session see our preview here.

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