Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Heavy rainfall of Monday leaves Prince Rupert Golf Course closed and in need of repairs

It's a few days off for Golfers in Prince Rupert as Golf Course
officials asses the damage from Monday's rain event on the North Coast 
(photo from PRGC FB page)

The heavy rains of Monday have put a temporary suspension to the golf season in place for the Prince Rupert Golf Course, with club officials putting out the Course Closed Sign as they look to repair some of the property.

From the PRGC Facebook page comes an account of the damage provided by Monday's weather event with two of the courses walkway bridges damaged and in need of some extensive repairs.

Hays Creek which runs through the golf course had such a volume of rainfall over the 24 hour period of the pacific front, that it overflowed its banks in some locations. 

In the case of the Golf Course lifting the bridges off their foundations, with their Social Media page featuring a look at some of the damage.

One of the Bridges of the Prince Rupert Golf Course damaged as a
result of the heavy rains of Monday 

(photo from PRGC FB page)

Golf Club officials plan to evaluate the scope of the damage and announce when they will reopen through their Social Media page.

Environment Canada notes on the Prince Rupert weather page that the city received 79.8 mm of precipitation on Monday, which is the greatest amount of rainfall on that day since 2010

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