Monday, September 27, 2021

BC Liberal leadership candidates prep for debate Tuesday

Now that the Federal election has come and gone, the six contenders for the leadership of the British Columbia Liberal party are ready to reclaim some of the news cycle, with Tuesday night making for their first big push in many months towards recapturing some of the news narrative.

Tomorrow night is debate night for the six, the first opportunity for BC Liberal members to get a sense of what each of the candidates may have to offer towards reclaiming the government when the next provincial election comes up in three years time. 

The six Gavin Dew, Kevin Falcon, Micheal Lee, Val Litwin, Renee Merrifield and Skeena MLA Ellis Ross criss crossed British Columbia through much of the summer introducing themselves to Liberal members,  Ms. Merrifield entering the race more recently joining the competition in early August.

The original debate had been scheduled for early in September, however with the province recovering from the recent wildfire season and much of the political interest focused on the Federal vote, Leadership organizers shifted the date to September 28th.

You can view the event from the BC Liberal website and Facebook page starting at 7PM tomorrow evening.

In order to participate in the Leadership vote in the February, those with an interest will have to be a member of the party in good standing and for those not yet members the deadline to do so comes up on December 17th.

To find out more on that process see the BC Liberal's information page here.

The voting process will take place starting on February 3rd and end on February 5th, the new leader to be announced follow the closing  of the vote on February 5th.

You can follow how their campaigns have gone so far, as well as review our notes on the BC Leadership process from our archive page here.

Notes on the campaign also make it into the provincial news flow from time to time, you can check for those updates from our political blog D'Arcy McGee and our Victoria Viewpoints feature.

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