Friday, September 17, 2021

City of Prince Rupert sets Monday, September 27th as date for annual Tax Sale

Those looking to pick up some property at a bargain price have ten days to scope out the offerings available at an upset price from the City of Prince Rupert Finance Department. 

That as the City  prepares to host its annual Notice of Tax Sale on Monday, September 27th.

Though what you see today, may not be on the final list by the end of the month, as the current owners have until the start of the Tax Sale on the 27th to settle their accounts, otherwise the list of properties will be up for public purchase.

The Tax Sale process normally sees a reduction in the properties for review as we near the deadline, that as property owners take care of their delinquent taxes.

However some properties may remain on the list as the 10 AM Tax Sale starts on the last Monday morning of September this year returning to City Hall following last years gathering at the Civic Centre, that as a response to COVID at the time.

On Wednesday, the City outlined the process ahead for the Tax Sale which will take place in the City Council Chamber on the 27th.

The 2021 tax sale will be held on Monday September 27th, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. Properties offered at the 2021 property sale are those for which there are taxes outstanding since 2019. Not all properties listed in the advertisement will be available on September 27th as in some case the taxes will be paid in the interim.

The list of available properties as part of the Tax Sale is posted to the City Website, you can review the notes as of today below:

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The District of Port Edward is also hosting a Tax Sale Day on September 27th, their sale set for a 10AM start in the Council Chambers at The District Hall on Pacific Avenue. 

They have yet to post a list of the available properties in the District to their website or social media stream, you can contact the District offices for more information about their plans for the properties on their list.

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For more notes on City of Prince Rupert Tax themes see our archive page here.

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