Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 Archive of items related to Taxation and Fees Issues from the City of Prince Rupert

Our Quick reference and archive of items related to Taxation issues reviewed by City Council for the 2021 Council year.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2021


December 9 -- City of Prince Rupert releases schedule for garbage/recycling collection for 2021 NCR
December 8 -- Prince Rupert Council sets increase of fees and charges for range of services and facility usage in 2022  NCR
December 7 -- Prince Rupert Council moves forward with plans to create Tax Exemption for logistics land use in the city  NCR
December 3 -- City of Prince Rupert set to expand roster of tenants in Canfisco warehouse venture; as speculation on future developments along George Hills Way accelerates  NCR


November 30 -- City to explore 'options' on peat and hog fuel resources on city owned land NCR
November 12 -- Province releases details of annual grants in lieu of taxes program for Northwest NCR


September 17 -- City of Prince Rupert sets Monday September 27th as date for annual Tax Sale. NCR



July 2 -- Taxes Due Date arrives, as does deadline for Home Owner Grant applicants. NCR


May 26 -- Tax Bills and Message Making arrive in the ail from the City of Prince Rupert NCR


March 19 -- City of Prince Rupert to consider five year lease for Bob's on the Rocks NCR


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