Saturday, January 2, 2021

Items from City of Prince Rupert Budget Planning Process -- 2021 Archive

Our Quick reference and archive listings for items related to the Annual Budget Planning process at the City of Prince Rupert.

Items of Note for 2021


December 10 -- Capital planning for 2022 to be the theme for one more Prince Rupert City Council session in 2021!  NCR


November 12 -- Province releases details of annual grants in lieu of taxes program for Northwest NCR


August 20 -- Application period now open for Non Profit/Volunteer Groups seeking Community Enhancement Grant funding  NCR



May 26 -- Tax Bills and Messages making arrive in the mail from the City of Prince Rupert NCR


April 28 -- One stop approval for City Budget and Tax Bylaws for 2021 NCR
April 20 -- Cow Bay Marina: Any Boat in the midst of a COVID storm  NCR


March 8 -- City Council to gain first look at 2021 Budget Planning tonight  NCR


February 5 -- City of Prince Rupert delivers letters on Downtown Incentive program and Warnings on unsightly premises   NCR
February 3 -- With City of Prince Rupert Utility Bills looming, a call from one resident for a discount on Water billing owing to the the Boil Water Advisory  NCR


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