Monday, December 13, 2021

Capital projects on display and looking for approval from Prince Rupert City Council

It's Presentation Day at City Council, like the days not far removed from high school and that one final chance to impress the teacher with your work on the year.

This afternoon, the heads of a number of civic departments will parade through City Council chambers, providing a snapshot of their hopes and plans for Capital Spending in 2022.

Mayor Lee Brain introduced the plan for a Presentation Day at last week's Council session, setting 3PM this afternoon for the process.

As part of the work on the day, Council will then make the final decisions on the spending plans at the Special Regular Council session called for 7PM, one which also puts the bow and holiday wrapping on a range of increased civic fees and charges for 2022.

This afternoon's review of spending proposals features Fire, Policing, Operations, Recreation and some of the high profile Vision projects that Council has introduced in the last year or so.

Included in the notes for today, spending towards the CN Revitalization project and the plans for Improvements to the Waterfront including the relocation of the Airport Ferry Dock to the Kwinitsa area.

As for the 3PM Festival of hopeful spending, the summary of Requests for the year ahead looks as follows:

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Among some of the top end items of note when it comes to the wish lists on the afternoon presentation roster includes:

New Fire hall Design ($350,000) and purchase of a Reserve Pumper ($1,000,000)

CN building revitalization ($5,300,000)

RCMP Detachment ($30,0000,000)

Waterfront Development Improvements ($10,900,000)

Landfill Dozer ($1,000,000) Snow Plow ($300,000) Garbage Truck ($400,000)

Annual Paving Program  ($1,000,000)

Landfill Cell Closure ($2,601,000) New Landfill Cell ($1,664,000)

Woodworth Dam Replacement ($5,000,000

Water Treatment Facility and Submarine Line Engineering Design ($4,000,000)

SCADA Upgrade ($1,150,000)

Annual Water line Replacement ($750,000)

Liquid Waste Management Plan ($750,000) SCADA Upgrade ($450,000)

Annual Wastewater Line Replacement ($750,000)

Details towards all of the above and many more items can be found as part of the Agenda Package for this afternoon's Presentation. During the Afternoon gathering the items from he Capital Spending list will be explained further.

More notes on today's double header of civic governance can be found from our Council Preview Page here.

Other notes on themes of Budget Planning can be found here

While the Archive of Infrastructure, Major Projects and Planning for the City is available here.

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