Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fibre connection restored, CityWest touches base with customers and offers options for their patience

A welcome blank sheet for CityWest's Maintenance and Outages page
as the company announces the restoration of full fibre service.

The long running service issues related to the November storms appear to have been resolved by CityWest, with the Prince Rupert based communication company reaching out to customers today with a correspondence that outlines news of the fibre fix and few options in thanks of their patience. 

As we noted earlier this month, safety concerns at the site of the landslide that damaged the fibre link to the south, had left crews sidelined and awaiting opportunity to get in and fix the situation.

That situation had recently changed to allow crews in and the repairs were completed to bring the speed and consistency levels back up to past standards in recent days.

The fibre troubles began in mid November making for a few weeks of frustration and buffering for residents and service users across the Northwest.

Those customers wishing to take advantage of the service options offered have until the end of the month to contact CityWest and advise them of their preferences.

More notes on CityWest can be found from our archive page.

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