Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Sound as clear as a bell wrapped up in time for Christmas at the Lester Centre of the Arts

A new Soundboard will bring the beautiful noise of the Lester Centre
on into the future, after another Arts investment by the 
Prince Rupert Port Authority

(Image from the PRPA website)

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has heard the call for better sound for the community's premier entertainment facility, announcing today of another investment from their Community Investment Fund, this one now in place at the Lester Centre of the Arts.

In an information release today it was revealed that a new world-class sound system has been installed at the Lester Centre of the Arts in Prince Rupert, opening a new range of artistic possibilities for the many performances and community events that take place at the facility. 

The extensive upgrade was made possible through a partnership between the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s (PRPA) Community Investment Fund and Prince Rupert Performing Arts Society (PRPACS) it makes for just the latest in a series of projects that has revitalized the creative heart of the city. 

As the Port notes outline, the new digital sound system replaces the original equipment that was installed when the Lester Centre of the Arts first opened in 1987. 

All the components have been updated and replaced, including the speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and digital mixing console. 

A local electrical contractor has also upgraded the electrical infrastructure in the theatre, adding five new power supplies. 

The total cost for the project was $206,000, with PRPA covering half of the expenses. 

 “Our organization is committed to investing in resources that augment the quality of life in Northwest BC. The Lester Centre of the Arts is a facility that is enjoyed by thousands of people annually and has played a central role in the community for cultivating a strong arts culture through the years, enhancing performing arts programs and enriching the lives of music, dance and theatre audiences for years to come,”  -- Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority. 

The Lester Centre of the Arts has long been the destination for arts devotees in the community and is the feature location for many of the community's musical and theatrical performances both from the largest talent pool found on the North Coast and location often marvelled at by those who travel to the city to perform.

Image From PRPA Website

Towards today's announcement by the Port,  John Roper, the General Manager, Lester Centre of the Arts. noted of the path ahead that the new system will provide for the community. 

"We are thrilled to have the support of the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s Community Investment Fund to ensure that the Lester Centre of the Arts remains on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of the community for generations to com. This new sound equipment greatly improves how a show is produced, presented and received and has opened up a whole new world of creativity for all to enjoy for many years to come.”

The following video from the Port provides a further look into the new system that has been put in place.

Over the years, the list of assistance for the arts in Prince Rupert has looked as follows:

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A look at the past investments into Community by the Port can be reviewed here.

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