Thursday, December 23, 2021

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue introduces new assist towards response and safety in the community


New computer assisted technology is accompanying 
Prince Rupert's Fire Rescue service on their calls

Firefighters in Prince Rupert now have a new tool to put to use when it comes to dispatching and attendance for calls of assistance, outlining today how their new computer aided dispatching system works.

The notes on the program, relayed through the City of Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Social Media feed explains how the program has delivered positive outcomes this year.

Among the themes they explore, the reduced response time towards fire/rescue calls, increased safety for the first responders and critical live updates from fire dispatch for the members of the apparatus heading to or already on the scene.

A team of firefighters, dispatchers and city GIS staff worked on the work of implementing the new system.

Also of note this week, with the holiday season also comes a reminder from the Prince Rupert Firefighters Association for some Christmas tree awareness, with the Fire fighters making note of the need for frequent watering of trees during the holiday period.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest can be explored here.  

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