Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Break for the Holidays, with one more task before Christmas Eve ...

We'll be taking a break from the chronicling of events for the next few days, unless circumstances warrant an occasional item of note for the community, or travellers to and fro and such.

So with that a Merry Christmas to those who have read along through they year or provided feedback or suggestions for stories through the last twelve months.

We hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Period and make it through to Boxing Day in good spirits and Cheer.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our annual tracking of Santa

Where we follow the Jolly Old Elf and his team of reindeer from the Departure from the North Pole to the cruise over Prince Rupert and the North Coast as we near the midnight hour on Christmas Eve.

A Sneak Preview of what's ahead from NORAD as they keep watch for Santa can be found below:

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