Monday, December 20, 2021

As Holidays draw closer, Civic Operations and Schedule for facilities set to change

As this week moves forward you're likely to find that many civic departments with the City of Prince Rupert are Closed or on a reduced schedule along with less staffing, with a larger closure for services to come as we reach Christmas Even and the holiday period.

Below are some of the notes on Openings, Closures and other items of note from around the Civic Departments and Services.

City Hall staff are the first to get a head start on the holidays, with City Hall offices closed as of today through to January 3rd.

The Operations Department will continue with its work Until Noon on the 4th with a range of hours in place to cover off through to January 4th. Operations will be Closed for a total of six days during the holiday period.

Those planning a trip to the landfill site will need to make some advance planning, as the Ridley Island Access Road site will be closed for four days over the holiday period.

Any notes on civic themes will be relayed through the city's Facebook page through the holidays.

The Jim Ciccone Civic Centre is closed for our days over the Holiday period from December 25 to 28 and two days over the New Year's Period. The Earl May Aquatic Centre follows that same schedule.

Any other notes on the recreation centre facilities will be relayed through the Recreation Department's Facebook page.

The District of Port Edward will also have Holiday office hours, though with not as many days closed as found in the City of Prince Rupert.

Items of note from the District will be relayed through their Facebook page.

The Regional District Offices will be closed From December 27 to January 3, with a return to regular hours set for January 4th.

As for the Kaien Road Recycling Centre, their hours are as follows:

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM -- December 24
Closed December 25-28
Closed January 1-3

More notes on the plans from Regional District can be found from their Facebook Page.

Further notes on past City Hall themes are available from our Council Discussion page.

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  1. i cannot believe the mayor would allow everyone to take 4 days off for christmas. doesnt he know these people are funded by us the taxpauyer? the audacity to thikn they should be getting that much time off during such a difficult year.

    we need a little more scrooge and a little less santa attitude out of Lee