Sunday, December 12, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending December 12, 2021

A visit from Winter dominated much of the conversation around Prince Rupert this week, as promised rain instead arrived as snow, making for a four day and counting period of accumulating snowfalls and driveway shovelling for residents.

As the snow accumulated and the city took to clearing the streets, the release of some notes from the City on snow removal generated some commentary through the City's social media page.  

The volume of replies on the topic making for a good post-morten for the Operations department once the current snow melts and more familiar weather patterns arrive.

The weather also impacted on Highway Travel a few times this week, with Avalanche control work and Avalanche risk assessments making for occasional colures of Highway 16 between Terrace and Prince Rupert.

It was a City Council week, and while the meeting was short at less than sixteen minutes, there were a few notes of interest from the session. 
Included on the list a new Tax Exemption program for development of industrial land for logistics purposes and the final approval towards a range of fees and charges increases for civic programs and facilities.

And some community pushback on COVID measures found some momentum this week, as a group called Reopen Worship for Prince Rupert highlighted some areas of concern over the measures and the unequal approach of enforcement of worship events compared to attendance measures for other events. 

However, the days of Snow, Snow, Snow made for the largest theme of the week, with a very large volume readers exploring our item on the City's Snow removal plans  on the week.

City's 'Snow Strategy' leaving some residents wanting --  Days upon days of accumulating snowfall left City crews taxed to the limit and a number of city residents somewhat frustrated at how the Snow removal program was being implemented this week.   (posted December 9, 2021)

That article was followed by: 

Local group looks for clarity and relief from Northern Health on COVID related measures related to worship services  -- A Prince Rupert Community Group launched a campaign towards some relaxation of COVID measures on those wishing to attend Worship Services, noting of some of the inequities between the Worship Service measures and other community events. And whether their efforts turned the tide or not, the Prince Rupert group would find some success in their quest one day later as Northern Health revised the COVID measures on worship gatherings.    (posted  December 8, 2021) 

Highway 16 Closure between Prince Rupert and Terrace owing to High Avalanche Risk -- A heavy Snowfall advisory for inland areas on Friday provided for some caution by Ministry of Transportation officials,  With Highway 16 closed for a few hours in the early evening hours of Friday as officials conducted avalanche risk assessments. The Traffic flow resume just after 8:30 PM,    (posted December  10, 2021)
Prince Rupert Council moves forward with plans to create Tax Exemption for logistics land use in the city -- A plan modelled on the City of Prince Rupert's Downtown Development Tax Exemption program was moved forward at this week's City Council session. With Council voting to create a Tax Exemption for the development  of land in Prince Rupert towards development for logistics use related to Port Development.    (posted December  7, 2021)

City Council  set to line up range of fee and charges increase for 2022 -- Our preview of Council's plans to put in place increases for a range of services and facilities offered by the City made for well received item this week. As did our follow up notes  after  Council approved all of the new charges.    (posted December 6 , 2021) 

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