Monday, December 6, 2021

City Council set to line up range of fee and charges increases for 2022

Prince Rupert Council members will put the bow on what
has been a busy year tonight, with their final Regular
Public Council session for 2021

(photo from City PR home mailer)

With tonight the last night for Regular City Council Business for 2021, the city's Mayor and Six Councillors are making sure to put the final touches to their their lists and check them twice when it comes to starting off the New Year. 

With residents of Prince Rupert facing a range of increases for a variety of services and facility use in 2022.

Tonight, Council with provide for their fourth and final readings of the new regimen of Solid Waste fee and charge increases, covering a wide amount of items from garbage and the new curbside recycling program for 2022, as well as use of the city's Ridley Island Landfill Site.

Richard Pucci, the City's Director of Operations an Intergovernmental Affairs provides for the Holiday reading for residents with his Report to Council tonight.

The full list of upcoming changes and introduction of new fees related to the new curb side recycling program can be found as part of tonight's Council Agenda, starting on page 11.

Council will also bring back the Recreation Fees and Charges Bylaw for 2022, with a few clerical errors and other to  notes attend to, all towards making it all official with a corrected bylaw.

You can refresh your memory the range of fees and charges for recreation items from the Council Agenda for tonight, staring at page 42 of the package for tonight.\

And should you go to your great reward in the year ahead, your family and estate will be facing a slight uptick in the cost of a proper farewell. With the Council to approve an inflationary 2 percent increase from 2021 for services related to the Fairview Cemetery.

The full listing of the Cemetery Fees and Charge is available for review from the Council Agenda starting on page 74 .

More notes on this evenings, fond farewell to 2021 Regular business can be found from our Council Preview.

The Council members will be back in the Council Chamber sometime later this month for a Special session to put a final approval to some of the above items before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

A look back at some of the themes of the 2021 Council year can be explored from our Council Discussion page.

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  1. THe city is playing smoke and mirrors. They don't raise taxes with help of Legacy Fund, it's your money. Then they raise the user fees on items you are paying taxes on. Just once I would like to see the mayor say we have cut this amount out of the budget by savings on actions taken.

    The city doesn't give a costing on this new recycle program. Why aren't projects at least costed to a target figure rather than council approving blank cheques.