Sunday, December 19, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending, December 19, 2021

The themes of a Special Council Session on Capital Spending dominated a fair bit of our blog coverage this week, with a number of our notes on the Monday afternoon presentation and the Council session that followed in the evening finding a large audience.

The Capital Spending blue print covered a range of plans and projects and among the ones that were of the highest interest for readers from our review, were the plans for the CN Station Restoration, waterfront development and the delays to the Woodworth Dam project.

A pair of items related to  the Special Council session of the evening also gained some attention, with the Council providing a letter of Support for Friendship House plans to seek funding for their shuttle to Terrace program, while our notes on a topic that they didn't discuss, that of the large volume of snow and the city's removal work also gained a large readership.

An announcement from DFO related to the closure of the 2022 Herring season and our look at the prime viewing opportunity of last Monday for a meteorite shower also found a strong volume of readers. 

However, the Capital Spending plans generated the most interest of the week, with readers exploring some of our background on the Council blue print for 2022.

Big Ticket Civic Items, such as CN Station renovations, remake of waterfront at Rotary Waterfront Park get swift passage in Capital Budget Presentation -- Council received presentations from CFO Corrine Bomben and Director of Operations Richard Pucci on Monday charting the course for some large scale projects on the waterfront.  A full overview of many of the other Capital Spending themes can be found here.   (posted December 17, 2021)

That article was followed by: 

With Letter of Support for Friendship House link to Terrace, Prince Rupert seemingly takes the passing lane in joining Northwest Highway 16 Shuttle project -- A late request from Monday night for a letter of support for Friendship House's quest for funding for their shuttle bus was quickly approved by Council Monday. The City however seems to continue to not be interested in following the lead of other communities across the Northwest in a BC Transit shuttle solution in place across the region east of Terrace (posted  December 17, 2021) 

Snow, What Snow? Council skips over recent snowfall as a discussion topic for farewell session of 2021 -- A topic noticeable by its absence despite a session that lasted less than sixteen minutes was of some interest to the readers. That as we looked at the recent arrival of a large volume of snow in the last week and the city's work to remove it. Neither of which  made for an item of interest for  the council members in their farewell appearance for 2021.    (posted December  15, 2021)
Conditions look good for some space rock viewing tonight -- With the Colder weather did come a rare opportunity in the Prince Rupert area for some sky watching with Monday night a prime time for viewing of the Geminids meteorite showers, which was said to be providing for up to 50 meteors crossing the sky per hour.  (posted December 13, 2021)

DFO brings end to much of 2022 herring season  -- A challenging fishery in 2021 won't be any less so in the year ahead, with the Department of Fisheries announcing the closure of the commercial herring fishery in 2022, to allow for stocks to improve and to hep the entire fishery ecosystem.   (posted December 17 , 2021) 

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