Monday, December 13, 2021

Conditions look good for some space rock viewing tonight

Earth and Sky map out the direction of the Geminid
meteorite shower, with tonight and tomorrow the prime
early morning viewing periods

The current cold snap may actually work in the favour of star gazers tonight as the Geminid meteorite shower reaches its peak viewing period tonight and tomorrow.

With the potential of up 50 meteors per hour, you are sure to see something flashing across the sky at some point tonight, as the remnants of the rock comet 3200 Phatehon zoom across the sky above, 

In a helpful guide to the celestial show, CNN notes that the peak period for viewing is around the 2AM period.

Over the weekend, residents of Vancouver Island not only saw some of the space entertainment but may have heard it as well, with a loud boom recorded from Victoria to Campbell River and west to Tofino attributed by some to the volume of space rocks flying around at the moment.

Tonight's forecast is for Clear skies above Prince Rupert

While it seems unlikely considering the forecast. 

Should the skies cloud over, or if you're not inclined to stare at the sky in the cold at 2 AM, NASA has us covered with a live stream of the event which you can follow here. and Earth and both have more on the early morning viewing event.

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