Friday, December 17, 2021

More home mailings, new online resource as City of Prince Rupert continues with information campaign on Recycling plans

The rollout of information towards the soon to launch curbside recycling program continued this week, with the City of Prince Rupert taking for two stream of information sharing on their once delayed but now ready for prime time initiative. 

In your mailbox this week has come another home mailing from the City's Operations Department, this one an oversized postcard that prepares us for the new adventure in waste and recycling changes.

The home mail information stream has also been complemented by some new online resources, with the City making use of their Social Media stream to provide further guidance and a link to the City website where more details on how the program, set to launch as of January 1st will work.

The final destination for the final word on Recycling is what the City is calling the Recycle Coach, the online resource that will provide a link to your schedule for garbage and recycling day as well as much more in the way of background information on the recycling program.

Included as part of the website presentation is a link to the Recycle Coach app, which will allow for information  on the program to be as close as your mobile device or tablet.

To review the history of the City's plans when it comes to the Recycling program see our archive page here.


  1. Why isn't the pertinent information on a fridge magnet. It is very inconvenient to log on to my computer to see if something is recyclable.

    A quick reference point like my fridge would make me more liable to do things correctly. Not everyone has a phone with Apps.

  2. just buy a magnet and put the brochure on your fridge. thats what we did you negative nelly