Saturday, January 2, 2021

Re Design Rupert/Sustainable City and Civic Planning Archive 2021

An archive of items of note related to the Redesign Rupert project and other sustainable city initiatives in Prince Rupert.

Redesign Rupert

Prince Rupert 2030

Hays 2.0 vision plan

Sustainable City 2030

Rupert 2030 Vision plan Project tracker archive




November 25 -- Meet you at 'Eat Street Square' NCR
November 4 -- Next potential locations for EV Charging Stations in Prince Rupert area identified NCR


October 15 -- City of Prince Rupert announces new City Manager, turning job over to current contract planner Rob Buchan  NCR


September 2 -- Regional District is ready for Curbside recycling ... whenever the City of Prince Rupert is  NCR

August 20 -- City of Prince Rupert curbside recycling program to be delayed until January 2022  NCR


July 6 --  Home mailer formally introduces city's recycling ambitions for September NCR


June 28 -- City outlines way forward for the September launch of Recycling in Prince Rupert NCR


May 12 -- City Council to review request for Grant application towards development of Integrated Transportation Plan for Prince Rupert  NCR
May 12 -- Prince Rupert's Official Community Plan gains approval, but with two dissenting opinions NCR
May 11 -- City's new split-bay garbage hauler enters service, while plans still in preparation for new garbage system for Prince Rupert NCR


April 9 -- A Public Hearing, one closed to the public, looms next week towards Official Community Plan and bylaw approval  NCR


March 2 -- Over 150,000 views so far from those exploring the option of Making Prince Rupert Home   NCR
March 1 -- Gitga'at Development Corporations' Third Avenue project to be first to make use of new City of Prince Rupert Tax Incentive program   NCR


February 12 -- All plans pass through iPlans  NCR

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