Monday, August 23, 2021

Facebook page feedback kicks Prince Rupert City Council to the curb over Recycling delay announcement

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time!
The City's Blue Bin curb side recycling program
has been delayed until January of 2022

The late Friday announcement from the City of Prince Rupert that it will delay the launch of the Blue Bin Curbside recycling program until January of 2022 has generated some strong commentary for Council members to review through the city's own social media platform. 

As we outlined on Friday evening, The city announced the deferral of their launch of the curbside recycling program with a short statement from Richard Pucci the city's Director of Operations  and Intergovernmental Relations.

With Mr. Pucci noting how the Recycling program was not quite ready for launch yet, though not going into many specifics related to what has been described as a slight setback, with the new goal for the Blue Bin service at your curb to come as of January 2022.

The announcement was posted both to the City of Prince Rupert website, as well as through the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page, but curiously wasn't not an item of note for Mayor Lee Brain's political Facebook page which often hosts many of the City Council announcement themes.

Though considering some of the early feedback from residents, it may have been wise for the mayor to put some distance from himself and his Director of Operations.

Many of those who stumbled across the City's Facebook notes have taken City Council to task for the roll out of the program and expressed a range of concerns over how the City has introduced and implemented both the Blue Bin program and the new Garbage can planning process.

With comments covering the spectrum of frustration, from a waste of money, to concerns over the reduced size of the garbage bins (one suggestion offered up was towards painting the blue bin, black for use for garbage).

As well, the social media messaging has served as an early test of the political winds for Council and a warning that come election time some may still remember the Recycling snafu and make decisions accordingly at the ballot box.

You can review the City's notes as well the commentary from the public so far and join in on the debate if you wish from the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page here

With a public council session set for the Lester Centre tonight and potentially a large crowd in attendance owing to the Public Hearing on the 11th Avenue East rezoning issue, if he chooses, Mayor Lee Brain could make use of tonight's forum to outline some of the challenges that led to the delay in the Curbside recycling program.

While those in attendance may also want to take advantage of the public comment period of the Committee of the Whole to relay their own concerns on the issue.

You can review some of the history of the City's Recycling and Garbage program roll out from our archive page here.

More notes related to City Council themes can be explored from our Council Discussion Archive page.

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