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Blog Watching: Week ending August 15, 2021

Our first full week back to the blog featured a bit of catching up on some of the themes that we missed out on during our hiatus, and much of those notes we relayed featured municipal topics that captured the attention of many of our readers.

By far the most read item of the week looked at the plans from the City of Prince Rupert to make use of the Lester Centre of the Arts for a public hearing on the proposed 11th Avenue East apartment building, an indication from Council that the topic may generate some extensive discussion on August 23rd.

COVID returned to our news flow this week, as the BC CDC released data showing that the City of Prince Rupert had recorded its first new cases of the coronavirus since July.

Also gaining some significant interest over the last six days was our look at an update from the Mayor on plans for the CN Heritage station on the waterfront, as well as some commentary from city residents when it comes to the city's annual pool maintenance shut down of August.

Also cracking the top five of our 32 items of the week was the release of Crime reporting data from Statistics Canada that saw the City of Prince Rupert record lower volumes of crime, but still inching up ever so slightly on the Stats Canada Crime Severity Index.

However, the top item of interest for the week takes up the topic of housing and the City's hosting of a Public Hearing for the 11th Avenue East plans.

City of Prince Rupert  sets August 23rd for Public Hearing on proposed apartment complex for 11th Avenue East  -- A process towards the development of new housing that began in December of 2019 gets closer to a decision point for Prince Rupert City Council, with the public hearing on the Lax Kw'alaams led apartment building for the city's east side set to take place this month at the Lester Centre.     (posted August 12, 2021)

That article was followed by: 

Prince Rupert records first new cases of COVID 19 since June, with new case counts recorded across Northwest BC  -- A sign that we haven't quite put COVID behind us was delivered by the BC CDC this week, with their weekly data release indicating that new case counts are being recorded across the region.    (posted  August 11,   2021) 

Pitcher ... the possibilities! City to propose lease option for Wheelhouse Brewery in CN waterfront station  --  Mayor Lee Brain used his social media platform to share word on the status of planned renovations to the Heritage CN building on the waterfront and the city's plans to offer a leasing agreement with the Prince Rupert craft brewery The Wheelhouse   posted August 9, 2021)
City of Prince Rupert gets some heat over timing of Pool Closure  -- The timing of the annual maintenance work for the Earl May Aquatic Centre had a number of residents weighing in on the city's own social media feed, outlining their thoughts on the merits of a summer or fall closure for the facility      (posted August 10 , 2021) 

Crime Severity Index shows slight uptick for Prince Rupert   -- Statistics Canada released their annual compilation of crime data for communities across Canada, and for Prince Rupert there was a slight rise in the Crime Severity Index, though total crimes were noted as down from the year before      (posted August 11, 2021) 

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