Monday, August 23, 2021

New additions in line up for inclusion to City of Prince Rupert Permissive Tax Exemptions

The list of properties that can claim a property tax exemption is set to grow, with the City's Chief Financial Officer to provide an update on the program at tonight's Prince Rupert City Council Session.

In a report for City Council to be delivered this evening, Ms. Corinne Bomben notes of two new applications received this year for consideration of tax exemption.

The Canfisco Warehouse, which the City of Prince Rupert
leases out to local interests

"The first new application received was from the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association for the area in the building on George Hills Way subleased from the City and owned by Jim Pattison Enterprises Ltd. This property was already exempt for municipal purposes, but the amendment bylaw reflects this partial change in use. In addition, a portion of this building is leased to Wheelhouse Brewing Company for business purposes and so the exemption would be amended to tax the portion their company subleases."

As noted the one corner of the building (outlined in red above) won't qualify for an exemption and will be considered taxable, the sublease was taken on in the fall of 2020. 

To date, the new tenant has not outlined what plans that they have for their corner of the Warehouse adjacent to Rushbrook Floats.

Some prep work from last year on the site of the proposed
Jehovah Witnesses Hall at McBride and Ninth Avenue West

"The second new application is for an existing recipient but a new property. The City participated in a land swap/purchase with the local Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Therefore, they have applied for permissive exemption of the new property they obtained from the City instead of the previously exempted property now owned by the City."

That land swap was related to the City's announcement of plans to build the new Detachment for the RCMP at the Jehovah Witnesses old property on First Avenue East near the Court House.

The full report can be reviewed below:

Council members will have opportunity to discuss the topic and well as to be asked to provide First, Second and Third readings to the Permissive Property Tax Amendment Bylaw at tonights session.

More notes on the Council session set for the Lester Centre, to be preceded by a Public Hearing can be reviewed from our Council Preview here.

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