Friday, August 20, 2021

Some Fair Days ahead for a late summer Fair in Prince Rupert


The parking lot of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre is the happening place to be these days, with the thrills and attractions of the Midway now entertaining residents from around the region.

As we outlined on Tuesday, The Lower mainland based Shooting Star Amusement Carnival was en route to Prince Rupert, the touring group arriving on Wednesday to set up for their four day stay in the city.

The rather heavy Wednesday evening weather a symbolic indication of the return of the carnival to the North Coast after a break of a couple of years, with the last visit to Prince Rupert coming in 2018; the mid week precipitation reminiscent of many a May of the past when the set up traditionally comes amidst a shower or two.

By Thursday however, the rain for the most part had move on and since then the conditions have been just right for a tip down he midway or to sample some of the carnival food temptations.

The Midway is open and the lines are growing as many Rupertites and
visitors from around the region take in the Shooting Star Carnival
at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre

Judging by the volume of people both at the Civic Centre and around the city today, the Carnival is  not just attracting residents of Prince Rupert and Port Edward. 

The four day stopover also appears to be serving as a bit of a tourist attraction with fair goers coming from the surrounding villages, as well as some from points east.

The hours for the Summer fair will see the midway open until 10PM tonight and tomorrow, with the final day, Sunday set for a 6 PM farewell to Prince Rupert.

You can check out some of their pricing and notes on the Prince Rupert stopover from their Facebook page here  as well as their Instagram feed.

If you miss this weekend's visit, they pack up and head east on Sunday night with Smithers and the Bulkley Valley Exhibition Fair Grounds their next destination from August 26-29.

Things look fairly promising for weather for the Prince Rupert stop, with only Saturday offering some potential trouble with a chance of showers indicated by Environment Canada.

More notes on Community events in the region can be explored here.

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