Thursday, August 12, 2021

Transition to Gitanyow Hereditary governance to be restored as part of Accord with Federal, Provincial governments

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A three party accord announced today will commit the Federal and Provincial governments towards a number of steps required to transition away from the Indian Act and establish a restored system of Gitanyow hereditary governance.

The Accord known as the Gitanyow Governance Accord provides for the latest steps along the BC Treaty process and towards self government led by the Gitanyow in their traditional territory which includes much of 1.7 million hectares of Northwestern BC,  located just north of Kitwanga.

Map from Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs website

In today's announcement, some of the key elements of the Accord to be reached within the next five years were outlined, they include:

Revitalize the Gitanyow Constitution, governance structures and develop a citizenship code; Negotiate an Inherent Governance Agreement that sets out steps to Gitanyow self-government; and Ratify and implement the Gitanyow Inherent Governance Agreement.

Simogyet Malii Glen Williams made note of the history making step as part of today's announcement

“This is a historic step in recognition of who we are as hereditary governed people. My grandfather told me as a young boy that our laws have been suppressed, but one day they will grow from a small spark and spread light over the land once again.” 

Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen also spoke to the importance of today's accord and how it will build and support unity in the Gitanyow Nation.

“With the Gitanyow Governance Accord, we are working in partnership to support a self-governing Gitanyow Nation – a strong and proud Nation no longer subject to the Indian Act, and led by a recognized hereditary governance system with strong support and unity from within the Nation. The accord is a positive example of the benefits to everyone of implementing First Nations rights and title through hard work, commitment and focused negotiation efforts, rather than relying on the courts.”

Also included in today's announcement were Carolyn Bennett, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations for the Federal government and Murray Rankin British Columbia's Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation.

More on their thoughts on today's announcement and some background towards the Accord can be examined here

Of note from today's announcement is Section Five of the Accord which outlines that nothing in the document will affect the Band structure in the territory.

More notes on Federal themes can be explored from our House of Commons archive, while Provincial topics are reviewed from our Legislature page.

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