Tuesday, August 17, 2021

BC Housing to host virtual 'neighbourhood meeting' this week to update McKay street area residents on housing plans

An online neighbourhood meeting this Thursday will
provide an update on housing plans for the McKay Street area

Residents in the McKay Street area of Prince Rupert will get an update on the planning underway for a significant renewal of the housing stock in the west side neighbourhood, with BC Housing set to provide their next information session this coming Thursday.

Those who live in the vicinity of the area are set to gain an expanded vision and footprint with an update package on the development already hand delivered to their residences,  an overview  is also available on line here.

The plan is one which will see a revitalization of the over forty year old housing stock in the area and the inclusion of two new structures of five and six storeys each.

In their updated notes for area residents BC Housing outlines how they have completed early design consultations with existing Harbour View tenants. and how they now wish to involve the broader community in a review of a rezoning concept. 

After the August 19th engagement, BC Housing will submit a rezoning application to the City of Prince Rupert for review and approval.

This rezoning application focuses on the “Lot 1” area north of McKay Road (yellow shading below). As part of the redevelopment, we will be replacing existing homes and adding others that expand the range of families and households that can benefit from affordable housing. 

Among the features of proposed redevlopement are: 

Approximately 192 affordable rental townhomes and apartments

New shared amenity and play areas for residents 

Accessible housing for people with disabilities 

Energy efficient design 

A pedestrian crossing on McKay Street

Improvements to the local park.

Those living in the neighbourhood can participate in this Thursday's meeting, which owing to COVID will take place on line through the Zoom platform starting a 6 PM.

To participate in the session, or to get more information on the project contact the planners from liveable city planning who are coordinating the project, you can access that information from  michael@liveablecityplanning.com

Forum organizers have also provided for an online brochure on the proposed project which you can review here.

Some past background on the housing plans can be reviewed below:

More notes on housing in Prince Rupert can be explored here.

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