Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Adventure Tourism activity proposed for site adjacent to Butze Rapids

Turning white water in tourism
potential is the theme of a
current proposal under review
for the Butze Rapids area
An opportunity to tackle the whitewater challenges of Butze Rapids could soon be in place, with a proposal for an Adventure Tourism project currently working its way through the comment period for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources.

The proposal included in the application from local resident William Spat outlines just what is in mind for those seeking a unique North Coast experience sometime in the future.

"The intent is to establish carbon neutral or carbon negative adventure tourism recreational paddling centre within easy reach of famed whitewater destination Butze Rapids, and near airports YPR and YXT as well as Seal Cove Waterdrome (ZSW). 

A phased approach will allow the centre and logistics base to: 

1) establish itself as a rental location for whitewater kayaks at a paddle-to destination; 

2) develop flatwater marine tripping rentals

3) encourage development of loop trips, involving north coast cultural and culinary outreach centred at the adventure tourism location. "

The proposed management plan notes that the initiative would be a year round operation offering rental of paddle craft and guiding opportunities. The application notes that while there is some industrial activity to the North of Butze Rapids the area being considered is in need of recreational opportunity and job creation.

The site of the Adventure Tourism paddling centre would be located across the Morse basin from the Butze Rapids Trail on the northern shore. It would feature the rehabilitation of existing structures.

Though the document included in the application for land use does not go into much detail as to how those wishing to use the facility would access it, what the paddling centre facility will feature, or other logistical themes to the proposal.

That most likely will be outlined further should the proponent receive approval for the land use request that is currently under review.

Those elements may be revealed once the application process is over, with Mr. Spat suggesting a 2021 start for the centre should he be successful in his initiative.

The comment period for the proposed initiative runs until September 10th, you can review all the documentation and submit your comments if desired from this link.

A sample of what the Butze Rapids experience has to offer was the subject of a short film for the Skeena Wild Film and Photo Festival in the fall of 2020, you can check out the thrill of the ride through the rapids here.

More notes on tourism themes in the Northwest can be explored here.

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